The Matrix

It’s ironic how life can be happy, then it’s sad

We want only to see good and not the bad

Ignore the bad! One day it will go away! 

But what if the bad decides to stay?

We talk and do nothing but move our fingers

On a keyboard that is often times a trigger

Of words which may be deleted

We write with passion as our fingers are heated

But in life we smile and speak less

Always presenting ourselves as the best

Of who can keep it together the most

Let’s take a selfie, strike a pose

We hold it all in, no one cares

Say you have a problem I dare

You to help fix it? You probably could!

But why … when I’m good.

The problem escalates, it gets to your door

You try to pick yourself up off the floor

Rape, murder, theft

How did it get to me, it leaves me bereft

Of soul I can no longer cope

I lock myself off, hand me a rope

Kill or be killed

I choose the former

So the problem remains over and over

We sit and let things go by

That limb is way too high

Who will save me, you’re the lucky one

What’s past is past, what’s done is done

What if the past thought the same?

Would we be happy from whence we came?

Christians, Muslims, Heathens alike

Pushing and shoving to look like

Other people rather than themselves

They put each other on shelves

But who are these people one might say

It’s just a different mask, just a different day

Who knows what’s behind them behind those teeth

Those dead eyes that sheath

The truth from their own soul, they refuse

To acknowledge the truth so they abuse

Others, themselves, they find comfort

For the bruised heart they hide behind a fort

Of possessions and events and what can be seen

Strip them bare, they wouldn’t be so keen

To unleash what is there, for fear

Of hurt from those they hold dear

Which may extend to the human race

But at all costs one must save face

By any means by every word spoken

Kind words would be a token

Of self one is willing to give

But those who partake must pass through a sieve

Of unending Shrove

But what about love

Love is kind, but to whom? When is it convenient

To sacrifice oneself for the happiness of another transient

Love is grand and unending

Love is everything but starts within.

When that is truly attained

Only truth will remain.


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